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welcome to window savers!

window savers are plexiglas-based interior storm windows that come to you in easy-to-build kits. their appearance and performance equal the best custom-built interior storm windows available – at a quarter of the cost. an average size window saver costs under $55 complete, and you will save $150 or more, compared to custom builder’s charges.

assembly is so easy anyone can do it. no miter joints are used and the system relies on an extra-strong, extra-durable peel-and-stick adhesive (the same type used in assembling autos). it’s not sold in stores, and it’s so effective that we give it an unconditional money-back guarantee.

what will they do for me?

most likely you will save about 30% on your heating and air conditioning bills. you will make your home or office noticeably quieter, eliminating drafts, condensation, and radiant cold. you will also greatly slow the loss of both heated and cooled air.

but your potential for savings may be even greater. as a window’s draftiness increases with age, its losses can rise as much as $80 more each year. this is where window savers shine. they make that tired old window work like a new one, cutting its energy losses more than anything else you could do including actual window replacement.

with today’s higher energy costs, many folks recover their investment in window savers the first year, and everyone recovers it within two years. then once it is paid off, you will make money every year.


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